A research on light. An ode to nature.

OUT of a fascination to water and my love to nature and the environment, I’ve started project ‘WATERWONDERS’ in summer 2016.

This project is a study in lightfal in water in combination with reflections of clouds and waterplants. During my research, I discovered that, with natural light, I could create 3 layers working together in one image.

The more pictures I took, the more ‘WATERWONDERS’ I saw.
I could combine these 3 layers better and better and discovered extraterrestrial images.

Small Dutch waters, streams and creeks on different spots in the middle of the Netherlands gave me many beautiful ‘WATERWONDERS’.

During my search to the wright moments where everything perfectly comes together: the wright moment of the day, the wright light, weather type and a new clear water with new species of waterplants, I was regularly astonished by nature.

This astonishment I would like to share with the viewer.

Book Litter

Out of frustration I started project Litter in 2018.

Litter waste is all the waste that surrounds the streets or in nature. It has been deliberately or unconsciously thrown away or abandoned by people in places that are not intended for that purpose. It comes in all types: cigarette butts, plastic bags, old tires, fast food wrappers and plastic and glass bottles. Whether the litter is intentional or unintentional, large or small, it can drastically
affect the environment for years to come. It can cause
vehicle accidents, injuries, smother plants, start fires and harm and kill animals.

This book is an overview of all kind of litter found on the street. Litter is categorized in materials and organized by time it will take to compost.

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Movement Leaves

an ode to light in darkness.

In 2019 I started this project out of a feeling which I wanted to express through my pictures, combined with a technical research to nature lightened in the city by night.
I focused to use light which already existed in their surroundings; made by men.

Timing and movement; that was a big challenge in this project. I needed the wright sky, not to many clouds, the perfect branch with leaves or flowers and of course light.
Different night sky’s gave different effect’s – which gave me the opportunity to make more series in different spheres and tones.

Time is movement. Movement leave traces.
Good or bad, however time will answers trough traces.
Movement Leaves.